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Great win but

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    Re: Great win but

    "Well, that's not correct (Perk giving us an advantage over Miami).  Perk was injured in the first half of the season and when we beat Miami, Perk was no where to be found.  It was KG, Shaq, BBD, and Semih who dominated inside"

    Well then,
    Tell me why everyone seems to be suddenly so worried about Miami? 
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    Re: Great win but

    In Response to Re: Great win but:
    In Response to Great win but : Most of these guys need customized clubs and certainly can afford to get them, but why get them any sooner than one needs to. If you can only score 87 points against one of the worst defensive teams in the league in game 1, and in game two you can only win by 3 when the opponent is missing its 3rd best player, and loses debatably its best player before half time, and the opponent is missing its 3rd best player and its debatably best player is at about 30% for game 3 IS THERE ANY CHANCE AT ALL THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PLAY RONDO THE WHOLE GAME AND RISK NOT GOING UP 3 LOVE? What is interesting to deduce or infer is that in the future when Rondo is tossing careless passes to no names as opposed to Ray, Paul, and KG then he will be still missing most of his shots, not going to the free throw line and getting about 6 assists instead of 20. Wade is not going to allow Ray to shoot 8 of 11 and LeBron is now allowing Pierce 38 and contrary to popular belief the Cs do not have a huge advantage at the 1 when LeBron is the 1 for the Heat. There was a time in the 90s where one could have said Kevin Johnson, John Stockton, Mark Price and so on were the best point guards in the league..... reality... the best point guards in the league were Michael and Scottie...... right now Wade and LeBron are the best point guards in the east, and of course you add Rose......  the Cs do not have an advantage at the point in any of the remaining series unless of course they face the Lakers at which point, the Lakers render Rondo irrelevant like they did last year.  Oh my goodness the Lakers length was so hard to deal with but of course if our point guard could have hit just a few random uncontested jumpers and had gone to the line and made even an average point guard shooting percentage the Lakers length would have never ever ever ever been discussed.......  don't want to hear that?  Well too bad Doc specifically mentioned it. Anyway, let's take a step back and look at what is actually happening..... the Cs limped into the playoffs, the Heat stormed into the playoffs.  The Heat after game 1 have been completely dominant... the Cs barely got by in game 1, barely got by in game 2 without Billups and without Amare for the second half, in game 3 the Knicks are missing Billups and Amare was not even Troy Murphy were blown out.... somehow that is to be interpreted is that the Cs are back and to be reckoned with.........  Pierce says "lets hope we can sweep and get some rest" as if the Heat will not just be sitting there waiting for them...... is he really that stupid?  We can get rest if we get the Knicks series over with?  Hey Paul, after game 1 the Heat have completely dominated, I know that we live in an age where it is very difficult to get current information but the Heat will be done with their series either a few hours before or slightly after you and they are all 10 years younger than you.... when exactly do you get that rest?"
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    hmmm.... I thought that playing rondo for the whole game is a surefire recipe for disaster, at least according to you.

    personally, right now I couldn't care less what happens after the big 3 leave. we're playing in the present.

    no, you're right, wade isn't going to let allen shoot 8-11, he's going to let him shoot 7-9 and drop 35 like he did earlier this season. wade is a gambler on defense and the last thing you want to do when guarding ray allen is gamble. on the other hand, ray held wade to 25% shooting and 6 turnovers a game.

    so according to you, lebron is going to try to defend rondo and pierce at the same time? fair enough, bibby can't guard anyone. remember last season, when rondo was torching the cavs, and lebron offered to guard rondo? not only did rondo still torch them, pierce got going too.

    you have a strange definition of point guard. pippen was a point forward, like lebron. calling jordan a point guard is like calling kobe a point guard.

    you seriously think the lakers length would've never been discussed? that's all people talk about when they mention the lakers, apart from kobe.

    form doesn't matter going into the playoffs. the hawks took the 2nd half of the season off and are beating the magic. celtics and the lakers faded last season and met in the finals. like us, the heat have had 2 close games and one blowout, only our blowout happened on the road, which makes it more impressive. not only that, we're playing the 6th seed, they're playing the 7th seed.

    one game at a time. if miami lose a game to philly and we complete the sweep, then yes, we will get more rest than them.