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    In Response to Re: GREED : damfuno, I agree 100%!! All pro sports is ridiculous in the cost to attend a game. Ticket prices, parking, anything eatable, bottle of water, soveneirs for the name it and it's grossly over priced. Worse yet, you're frisked at the front door and any food or drink must stay behind. Dont want any competition for the wildly over priced concession stand. Only time I go to pro sports games now is when someone offers me tickets. Then I take the kids out to dinner first, get them nice and full.... then go to the game and let the arena bathroom have what we just ate. That's our contribution.
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    Agreed. And not to mention that you can actually see much better what's going on on TV. Unless you have court-side seats...
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    Its funny seeing what the players are up to now that the games are cancelled, tony parker playing in france for like 2k a month , brandon jeenings playing rec games with locals, durant schooling dudes at rucker. LOL. They need to realize without the nba theyre just some tall unemployed  dudes who  play ball, in the nba they are high profile superstar millionaires. Start their own league,LOL they cant even get more than 15 guys to show up to the negotiations. Clowns.
    Posted by gman101019

    You do realize, by the way, that Parker is part owner of that team and is playing for cheap just to promote the team and help them sell tickets? Just FYI, I don't think he and any of the big guys are hurting for money (Durant, Wade, Mebron, etc). But, I would watch them in an exhibition as I watched them play in summer leagues. PLEASE bring back my NBA - the best basketball on Earth :=)