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Green is Green is Green?

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    Green is Green is Green?

    Will the Celtic Green give Jeff Green some Green?

    Sign him long term?


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    Re: Green is Green is Green?

    Kristic, Green and Davis are keepers, in reverse order.  Shak may well not be here next year, Jerlame should go to the glue factory so we are naked at the 5 and davis/kristic make a nice cover there.  green is an excellent back up 4 who can dabble in the 3 as well.  I don't see why he shouldn't get 25 mins a night next year easily.  The team has to preserve Pierce and KG.

    These are all issues to be hashed out in the post season.  But based on the early results from watching these guys, I would try to keep all 3 and get the barnacle Jerlame off the books somehow.  He has been a nightmare. 

    It may take some contract structuring to do it, but we should be able to keep all 3.  The thing we have going for us next year is that teams are going to be under the crunch of a lower salary cap. 

    A lot of bad deals already in place are going to hamstring teams that would otherwise be making an offer to green, kristic, and/or davis.  HOpefully this works in our favor and at the same time we can manage our cap to keep these guys.