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Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers said Thursday that Jeff Green had "earned" a starting role with his inspired play lately and suggested that he'll heavily consider a first unit that could put Green alongside Avery Bradley, Paul Pierce, Brandon Bass, and Kevin Garnett.

I suggested this lineup months ago and was mocked by the brilliant posters here.


You suggested Green at the two not the three. 



Thanks for proving my point.

I suggested the exact lineup that Doc has finally come around to.


Green defends the two, instead of Pierce. Pierce is too slow to defend the two.


I have answered this many times. Green has less lateral quickness than Chris Wilcox and Darko.  it's okay against most teams in the East but not against miami. He can't defend D-wade.  neither can Pierce. Maybe doc will play Pierce on Chalmers and let bradley guard wade. That might work. 


The following is a list of current Celtics scores on the lane agility test from the draft combine (many are missing as they were not recorded or the Celtic in question did not participate, but you get the idea). Lower is better: Darko Milicic 11.30, Chris Wilcox 11.43, Avery Bradley 11.47, Brandon Bass 11.61, Jeff Green 12, Jason Collins 12.10, Fab Melo 12.14, Jared Sullinger 12.77.

Let’s talk about the lane agility drill for a second (you can check out a video of Enes Kanter performing it here). The lane agility drill is intended to test speed, ability to change direction, and coordination (things that don’t change too much post-draft), and if you watched the video you can see that lateral movement is a huge part of it. Generally you would expect guards to do better on this test (making Darko’s score both impressive and incredibly disappointing) but Jeff Green’s lane agility is closest to that of Jason Collins and Fab Melo