Gresham's Law

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    Gresham's Law

    In economics it's a 500-year old observation that, simply stated, says "Bad money drives out good."  The specifics here are immaterial, but a lot of people have used that construction to invent correlaries.  Well, there's one for internet discussion groups that states "Bad posts drive out good." 
    In this case, the more the trolls fill up the board with their own childish drivel, the more respectable Celtics fans stay away.  Maybe that's their goal -- the destruction of a website dedicated to their enemy.  If that's the case, they've pretty much succeeded, and can put it on their resumes, although I'm not sure what this would qualify them for except maybe a job playing Barney, or modelling women's underwear.  Some of them have been around long enough in their various serial guises that they can't be 12 any more, and must have already discovered girls, so I can't figure out what they must tell their girlfriends or spouses about their activites -- although it surely must be recognized that they are mentally ill.
    At any rate, I'm too old for this. And love basketball too much to put up with it. I'll come back later when there are real games to talk about. Maybe by then the moderators will have grown a pair, and thrown these ladies out.
    cheers --
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    Re: Gresham's Law

    In response to "Re: Gresham's Law": [QUOTE]"I'll come back later when there are real games to talk about." You're right on the money on that one. By that time, the moderators won't even have to do anything. The trolls will die a natural death when the Lakers struggle to win games. Even the celebrities will be absent from the games. Posted by Fiercest34[/QUOTE] To your point, there is no guarantee the Laker starting 5 will even see the floor together at the same time next season! By the time DH is healthy, I am guessing Nash will be injured. KB has gotten no rest for his bad knees! Prediction: Lakers starting 5 will play together 41-games (regular season) or less next season!
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