Yup, I know it is a Celtic forum but as Laker trolls post, I, a Celtic fan since the Cousy/Sharman days, am a local fan too. Was at the GS/Clippers(best record in NBA) game last night and it was an electric crowd and game was not even close with GS winning by 21. Have suffered here for years with GS a doormat and the Lakers always beating them. I do not hate the Clippers as I do the Lakers who are now 6 1/2 games below GS.  Was happy to see LAC not extend the 17 game win streak & keep Boston's 19 in a row alive. Many, many posts say that we are one big man away from being an elite team and that may be true but this Clipper team has a Center, Jordan, who got 4 rebounds and scored only 4 pts. GS center, Ezili, also got a 4 rebound/4 pt game so a wash with the centers. Their allstar forward , Blake Griffin, only got 10 pts/6 rebs. But the GS team got 53 rebs to 38 which means their Forwards & Guards hustled/out fought etc. the Clippers. Lee, a F, got 24 pts and 13 rebs and Curry, G, got 31 pts and 6 rebs. Lee is better than any forward we have except KG. And Curry, including Rondo, is better than any of our guards. Their whole team is electric. I have not seen this energy on the Celtic team for years. Ok, here is a Celtic topic--- we all have had to love hall of famer, Don Nelson, who instilled in the warriors a run-and-gun type offense many times using 3 guards and forwards not more than 6 ft 8 as centers yet led the team to many winning seasons & playoffs. This current team is similar. I believe Doc would like to do the same but our players are not as athletic or skilled. So, I am not sure that we are one big man away from being elite as I feel our forwards, Bass, Green, Lee and Terry too are just average and just have not meshed together. We need some better energy in the Forward area and Rondo is not, and will never be in my opinion a scorer like Stephen Curry, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook etc. Thus, we need some major changes including forwards and guards too perhaps.

So, our problem is more than lacking a big center !!!