In response to hops29's comment:

Well I gotta say that I hate Humphries with a passion and could cares less about Brooks,Bogans, and Wallace as players.  So I have a bad taste about what we received back.  But in all actuality getting 3 picks, and a trade exc. back on top of the players is a good haul for DA.  

I also feel that he really went out of his way to put CPP and KG in a GREAT situation.  Sending them together, to a team that has a legitimate shot at the title, AND they were allowed to keep their contracts entact is a great parting gift to them.

Kg was master of his own destiny, but DA could have decided to just release Pierce leaving him with 5 out of 15 mil. Or he could have traded him to The Raptors or something.  

So except for getting Humpty Dumpty back this trade really worked out well for everyone. Especially my favorite Celtic of all time, Captain Paul Pierce!

bogans is the only turd in the punch bowl with a bad contract- the rest are cap space material- that's it.  wallace is a bit of a nervous moment- can we move that contract?  yes, we can to a contender at the right time which is probably not now.  humphries is a jerk and he'll go somewher eelse to play soon enough.

and we'll probably get more picks, definitely get more cap space.  we're doing all the right things so far.


now we have to get rondo healthy and dump him out of town fast, and we'll really be doing well