Hail! Hail! Dan Shaughnessy!

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    BP, Ryan was the best NBA reporter for many years.  He has been the dean of boston sports reporters over the last years and I think feels the need to have more of a national voice.  His lack of confidence in the Celtics however just parrots what all the others are saying over the country.  I think and hope they are wrong but what do I know.  Shaughnessy as you say a always overstating optimism or pessimism.  He has been wrong more than he has ever been right. I just don't like him or respect him.
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    Agree that many other NBA analysts believe that the Celtics are in trouble.  I have heard and read many of them that think trading Perkins was a bad idea. 
    Shaughnessy is usually wrong when he makes a prediction.  He writes the most negative articles about Boston teams and only praises them when they are really playing great. 
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    Re: Hail! Hail! Dan Shaughnessy!

    The Perk trade assumed that Shaq would be healthy and contribute.  He wasn't and we suffered as a result.  Hindsight makes everyone a genious.  I believe it was worth the gamble, and especially if Shaq can emerge and stay healthy for the playoffs.  Worst case is we acquired a key piece in the rebuilding process and improved our roster for the longer term.  

    As far as the degenerated shooting of the big three and Rondo's horrible play, its the job of the coach to monitor and fix any mental issues associated with chemistry in the locker room and on the floor...the trade itself and not having Perkins on the floor isn't the issue.