Everyone knew that there would be a 3 year window of success when we got Ray & KG, so we shouldn't be so shocked that the Big 3 are finally showing their age in 2011. 

What is troubling is that in attempt to keep the window open, DA may have inadvertently closed it shut. Aquiring an old and fragile bench this year has put so much pressure on the starting 5 that it has pretty much excelerated aging process. 

On top of that, the trade which was supposed to bring young legs and scoring relief has also put more stress on the starting line-up because the new pieces haven't had enough time to gel and consistently contribute. 

Factor in the psychological aspect of losing Perk and all the toughness and added benefits he provided for KG & Rondo and it's no wonder that this team is struggling so much and may never get back to the level they had in previous years.