Props to the heat, I hate them but they were too much to handle. Between dwades and lebrons drives to the hoop and their ability to hit tough contested   jumpers and 3 's we just couldnt keep them down long enough to pull out wins at the end of  games. 
Ive never been one to give credit to a losing team, but I was proud of my celtics they gave it all they had. The heart can take you only so far. The heats young legs saved them time and time again. 

This looks like an end of an era, the celtics,lakers and spurs getting knocked out early. The heat, thunder,bulls and grizzlies all are very young team with core players intact and under contract for the foreseable future.  Get used to a lot of bulls/heat eastern finals.  God the thought alone makes me sick.  Even though the league is changing, nothing will on my end. Celtics fan for life.