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        With the Celtic's bench as weak as it is, through injuries and bad play, I think the 1st stringers are cautious, not willing to take risks, because if one of the big 3 gets hurt, then maybe the season's over.
      So the answer is either give more minutes to Avery etc, or trade for a bona-fide player. If they keep losing, then any chance of home field advantage goes out the window. I will say it again, the pick-ups in the off-season have not worked out. The C.s' are a bunch of old-age pensioners.[Ray Allan not included].
     So Danny-boy, find the team a player or 2 who will hep this team. Standing pat will mean more disappointment at the end of the season!
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    Re: Help!

    Why make a bunch of trades when injured players are expected back soon. Shaq and Delonte will be back. I can see a trade for possibly 1 player that is replacing Marquis since he's out indefinetly. Add Semih also to the depth chart as he's expected back soon. Injuries is what's hurting the C's right now, it's not a lack of depth on the roster.