hey MODS let me get this straight.....

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    Re: hey MODS let me get this straight.....

    In response to ImagydSportsBos' comment:

    "Rameakap is a pathetic board troll and attention wh0re who should have been banned several times recently, only here to self-promote and bother people. He is a known sexist and racist."

    i am strictly duplicating the words this mental midget repeatedly vomits on my threads with full impunity around here. it never gets removed, he never gets banned.. yet every time i copy and paste his silly nonsense, it gets immediately removed? so y is it ok for him to vomit on my  threads MODS? ever heard of the term "fairness"? you mods are enablers. you've crEated a mental midget terror. the next time his stuff is not removed or he's not banned when he vomits it on my stuff, i will ESCALATE or make a federal case out of it at a higher level! thanks for understanding and for your cooperation. i will further complain elsewhere in the meantime.




    You have got to be kidding me.