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RallyC - it  has nothing to do with Ainge choosing to go to Rondo "to get his feelings".  My understanding is that Sac wouldn't do the deal without an extension with RR being agreed to, so whether it was Ainge going to Rondo or Sac going to Rondo's agent with DA's knowledgge, etc. the conversation was required before Sac would agree to the trade.  When RR said no, the deal was done. 

Sounds like Rondo is intent on sticking it to DA.  It sure feels like Rondo is going to sign elsewhere leaving the C's holding the bag. 

Kind of like Gasol.

Not to worry, though, you're getting Jacoby Parker......................HA HA HA !!!!

Son, that is a poor analogy considering the Lakers have no intention of resigning Gasol unless it's for mid level.  You need to reconsider your job as a California Teacher.  BTW the  literacy rating for your state is 24%, meaning many have inadequate reading skills for daily life------->Thanks For Playing!

Wrong again - heard kupcake either wants to re-sign Pau, or use him in a sign and trade.  It's GASOL who doesn't want to re-sign.

Don't teach English - but my students do know there is no such person as Jacoby Parker - what an idiot!!!

Jacoby scram......your ignorance is on stage for all to see.

Jacoby Parker....HA HA HA!!!