With his 9th playoff triple double Rajon Rondo passed Oscoar Robertson to tie Wilt Chamberlain for 4TH PLACE on the ALL TIME LIST OF triple Doubles in the playoffs.    After a mere six years in the NBA Rondo trails only Larry Bird (10), Jason Kidd (11) and Magic Johnson (30)  in total playoff triple doubles.,,,,         Is that enough to merit a place in the HOF?  If he keeps it up for a few more years...  you bet it is.     In fact if he keeps up this years pace he would surpass Magic Johnson's incredible total of 30 in seven years or less.    

Rondo will not be voted into the HOF because of the consistency of his jump shot or his free throw shooting. He will be voted in because of his big game play, his court vision, his extrordinary assist totals and his triple doubles..     

        " foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds..." Ralph Waldo Emerson