we'll likely never know the details, but if oden is fiddling around thinking about signing in the league then he must have (NON PORTLAND) doctors' reportS to back up that he is going to be in shape to play, his recovery is progressing reasonably well.

the article says it might be a stunt by his agent to "drive up the bid price"- which i cannot see possibly going very high for a "let's take you for a test drive" type of deal anyway.

ainge better be in the mix on this.  sitting and watching birdman go to the heat was dumb.  settling for darko (and "big man" collins) after watching numerous other bigs change hands/contracts this summer was dumb.

not being there to roll the dice on oden, who might have a 5-7 year 20 minute a game defensive stopper / banger career in him yet, would also be dumb- IF the doctors' reports show the right things.