perfectly played.. they could have gone the tank route instead they brought in mcfail as we are with the brad. he put in an exciting offensive style and feature the youngies with a healthy mix of vets as they progressively got better and traded bad pieces like kevin martin and kept getting more draft pieces and cap room.. then they signed the lin to make it clear they were for real as they outbidded a prime market team and got some buzz and fans to come to their games.. then they signed the beard hard to go along with him.. no way DH is walking thru those doors w/o those other 2 guys on board. add in parsons and bingo! now as they look to further improe they hae pieces and draft pieces on hand with still more cap pieces. they can wait or act now.. full of options! 

ironic thing is the CELTs are in far better position than the rocks were before they transitioned 3 years ago. if rr was 29 or 30, u moe him.. we already have a hard right there parsons = jg. lin=js or AB.. more buzz,hype  and potential then perhaps actual elite star talent (but still has a complimentary role amongst elites). rather than 3 years, our rebuild could take just ONE year! we just need to draft, develop or trade for a DH type (perhaps durant?) mid-season or next year... starting off with fewer holes than houston did.. no tanking! b exciting, win games and show the elites that they are the ONE missing piece within a secure organization and coaching system!