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How do we change basketball?

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    How do we change basketball?

    It has become increasingly clear, especially in the past year or so, that what we fans -- and the NBA itself -- expect atheletically from star players, surpass the limits of what the human body was engineered to do.  There have been way too many serious injuries.  Yes, pro atheletes can generally be considered to fall in the 99th percentile of people who are physically skilled in those feats a particular sport requires.  But the evolution of the body hasn't caught up with that of the game.  An unusual player develops an unusual move -- and suddenly everyone is expected to be able to do it -- whether or not it's in the genes, or whether or not constant repetition will result in damage.

    In one sense, it's self-limiting. When you break down, you can't do it anymore.  But it's frustrating to root for a team, when any number of the players you root for can't be counted on to be able to play for significant portions of a season.

    Is there any kind of anything the NBA can do to limit this?  I can't think of it, but maybe if enough people are thinking about it, someone will come up with an idea.

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    Re: How do we change basketball?

    Widen the protected area = reduce charges and players (think green) from having to contort their bodies in air to avoid an offensive foul.

    Get rid of Stern

    Make flopping penalties more severe

    Allow players to touch each other again

    (I know those last three points weren't where you were trying to go with this but I think it'll make the entire game better, maybe not safer, but better)





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    Re: How do we change basketball?

    Kneesle is a disease commonly found in point guards, and two guards. Rules have been put in place to make quickness more important than size. Maybe it time for the pendulum to swing the other way.

    It is time for a new commish. Stop the star calls and make it more of a sport than entertainment.