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like robert horry, this guy is one of those consummate pros who lives right under the radar. the man is the consummate winner (in the grant hill mode), wish we had a guy or 2 like him. PP comes close but he's a megastar and a starter. the man is a duke man, won a championship there. was part of houston's 22 game streak, now part of the heat's 23 game streak. was a major reason they won the ring last year. think about it. in crunch time, it wasnt  lezbron on the megahot jeff green. it was battier. swatting that ball away was just great intellectual defense with 8 secs left. same with last year with pp or against durant. plus you cant leave him open for he will hit that 3 at a 40% clip. covers multiple positions and he's FRENCH. classy tough guys are hard to find!

when was the last time a coach designed an end game play to go at lebron over the guy battier was guarding? its like we had a better shot getting something decent off bron than any chance going at shane.. battier was made and designed to wear GREEN!


Absolutely! After carrying a huge scoring load with JG playing way over the minutes (40+)he is used to and guarding one of the best offensive players in the NBA for much of the game, SB was able to thwart JG's shot when Green was fatigued.  In his prime Battier was a great player/defender but was over priced the for what the C's needed at the time.  For the most part Green can now eat his lunch in a typical game and is only getting better..