How is this possible? Lebron and Melo

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    Re: How is this possible? Lebron and Melo

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    Your the one that should stop passing out false info and calling out other for it!

    You are wrong on both of the above stmts ....

    1) Nick Young has a two year contract (2nd yr player option)




    The Lakers announced Thursday the signing of unrestricted free agent guard Nick Young to a one-year contract. The Los Angeles Times reports that Young will receive the veteran’s minimum.



    Your "proof" is dated 7/12th!

    Try reading the latest news so you aren't WRONG ;

    Everyone thought that Young signed a one-year deal with his hometown team, but according to Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times, Young can wear the purple and gold jersey for longer:

    “The guard/forward’s contract, signed Thursday, is a two-year, $2.3-million deal at the veteran’s minimum with a player option in the second season.

    Initially reported as a one-year deal, Young will earn $1,106,942 for the 2013/14 season and $1,227,985 if he decides to stay a second.”

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