How much do you hate Danny Ainge?

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    I really don't get this "Danny gambled trading Perk" rhetoric that keeps going around. He didn't gamble. He just did something incredibly stupid. When you make a trade and your main rivals response is a mixture of shock and happiness, it was a bad idea. Danny didn't "gamble" That would have given at least a chance of winning. What Danny did was like someone saying "I'm going to put my hand on this hot burner. I don't think it will burn me." It was pure idiocy. I don't hate Danny, yet. He was part of bringing a championship to Boston. But his low IQ and blind arrogance scare me. I think if he sticks around long enough, there is a very good chance he plunges this team back into the Dark Ages. I think we all realize how long the damage created by a bad GM can last- even after they are gone. As long as Ainge is the GM I fear for the future of this team. And as for them having to trade Perk. That's BS. Even if he wasn't going to re-sign, you still keep him and take a shot at another title. You don't think a second title matters to the big three? I can guarantee you it matters to a guy like Paul Pierce who once quoted Michael Jordan when he said "Anybody can win one. That's a fluke. You have to win at least two to prove anything" Trust me a second title means something to Pierce and his legacy. Danny Ainge threw that away. Instead, they get Jeff Green. A 7th oir 8th man. They traded their starting center for a bench player. Now they have two choices when the season ends: Overpay for a role player and handicap their future. Or let him walk instead of wasting 40-50 million on him. Not that different from the Perk sitution. Only he would have helped them win a championship. Nobody brings this up because everyone is in love with the Bulls for some reason. I've said all year they are overrated. What if the Celtics have to face the Magic in the playoffs. With no Perk, Howard will destroy the Celtics. I'm sorry, but people need to stop defending this trade as if anything good could come of it.
    Posted by df2
    I'm glad someone finally agrees with my position on the Perkins trade. Funny how most people support the justifications that DA had no choice but to trade Perkins, and that Jeff Green was the best player involved in the deal. We all see now that Oklahoma City got the better end of the deal. In any situation, no matter how dire it is, a person always has a range of choices. Danny Ainge just made his believing it was the right one. In my opinion, it was a shoot-from-the-hip decision borne more out of panic and ego rather than logical and sensible deliberation. This is the same guy who criticized Red Auerbach's reluctance to trade Larry Bird and Kevin McHale in the late 1980's. When he got his chance in 2011, Ainge pulled the trigger and dealt Perkins, thereby taking a step backwards in our quest this season for banner #18.
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    Re: How much do you hate Danny Ainge?

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     he lost TA who is the one guy who can defend Kobe and cause him problems. He lost our center Perkins who is an enforcer inside for a couple of softies in Green and Kristic, guys who look good on paper but can not contribute in playoffs when the intensity level rises. How much do you hate Danny Ainge for taking away the championship that was rightfully ours? Now our team will be dismantled. The Big three could only win one championship (2008) and now we start building with only Rondo a viable young player.
    Posted by bramrok

    All of you need to shut up! Perk is in OKC, and Tony is in Memphis. It is'nt gonna make the celtics any better when all you turds are badmouthing Danny.