Laughing at the Celts?  This guy has had a career long history of folding like a cheap tent under pressure and disappearing, but he laughs openly at the C's after winning one game in a series?  And his team is missing Bosh? 

Sure, we're banngged up.  Maybe Miami will win convincingly.  but really, how smart is lebron?  i'm thinking he's close to 99 IQ, double digit territory.  WHY would you give seasoned, albeit grizzled veterans locker room fodder like that? 

Who's to say if we don't play hack a lebron with the 12 fouls known as marcheese daniels, sasha pavlocic and even throw an extra 6 fouls in there for etwan moore or whoever the other 6-5 guy is on the roster- that lebrong will hit his foul shots?  he's famous for choking up under pressure.  or just hack the bejesus out of him and see if you can get him to lose it?

Now if we had a real coach, we could count on real changes in game 2.  and that's the nut of the issue.  a real coach would not allow Miami to suffer this kindly, regardless of a W or L in game 2.  make them pay.  does doc rivers have a popovichian streak in him?  i've never seen it.

Not expecting big things out of the C's tonight, but if we had the right person at the tiller, it surely should be an interesting night for lebwrong james....