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How well would this lineup compete?

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    How well would this lineup compete?

    PG   Bledsoe         Terry                  JJ Barea

    SG   E. Gordon      Hardaway Jr      Williams

    SF   Green            Shabazz     

    PF   Horford          Sully                 Randolph

    C     Jordan           Splitter             Melo


    Obviously it's a complete blowup, but I've pretty much gone through with every trade rumor.

    KG to the Clippers for Jordan and Bledsoe

    Pierce and Bradley to the Pelicans (still can't get over that) for Gordon

    Lee and the 16 pick to the Wolves for the 9, 26 and whoever they want to dump out of Barea, Williams and Ridnour. Those picks would be used on Shabazz and Hardaway Jr, gobs of talent in Shabazz, and a very good motor in Hardaway with some solid shooting.

    Bass and Crawford in a trade for a backup center. Maybe a sign and trade for Splitter? Or really anyone who would work with the salaries.


    Obviously it's a huge change, and likely will not all happen, but it's an interesting thought. Very good young starting 5 with some amazing young talent sitting there on the bench. If Melo actually develops in a couple years (I still say he can), and Terry can be the veteran leader, they could grow together.


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    Re: How well would this lineup compete?

    I posted something eerily similar to this earlier today......look it up!