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    Re: HUSTLE!!!!!!!!

    How great is it to feel the disappointment almost disgust even in the NO and NY games through three quarters and then see the Celtics close out in a flourish with guts and precision and win.

    Nothing is better. Remember Game 3 of 2008 when the Celtics game back from 24 down at the half to beat the Lakers.  Nothing is sweeter.  Well maybe some things but not much beats it.
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    Re: HUSTLE!!!!!!!!

    Now, just play a couple more of those quarters like that 4th and the C's will win the whole thing.
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    Re: HUSTLE!!!!!!!!

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    In Response to Re: HUSTLE!!!!!!!! :  What do you think of my new avatar?  Unlike you, i'm keeping my word about using top 20 Celtic greats as my avatar!!!
    Posted by kyceltic

    you guys need to grab a olive branch you root for the same team