Sorry to my beloveded celts but i must say rest in pease, you have come to the point where age has caught you and we now must think about blowing up this whole team.  first none of the older guys gets a big contract, if they want to stay for 6-8 mil a season then they can stay other wise free up the money and look to sign somebody big, the lakers are going to be able to trade for howard or if they get paul or williams and dont trade they will win the title for the next 5 years all they are is a good point guard away, the celts on the other hand have nobody to trade im sorry but our talent is not that great, rondo is pretty good he still cant shoot thats why he will never be great, green average at best baby, kristik approaching sorry status so what do we do, I say when all the big contracts are up let them go and we will be dead for the next three years draft the best talent and then sign a big time free agent if we dont get younger people we are dead anyway.