I kept telling you!!

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    I kept telling you!!

       That DA's moves were no good.   Many of you: "give JG some time."   Does he play?   He only comes in the game now to give someone some rest.   Not to make an impact.   He has even regressed from being mediocre.   Now, besides not being a good ball player, I've noticed that he also has a low basketball IQ.   He doesn't know what to do on the court to help.
       Courtney Lee:   another of DA's coal.   Out of college he was known as a shooter.   I really didn't follow him much over the past couple years, but obviously he couldn't beat out Reddick of Orlando (or play along side him or w/ DHoward!).   What did DA see in him other than past glories.   I know someone who played DIII who could really shoot.   Doesn't mean he will in the pros.   CL was able to be watched for a few years.   Today is the result of DA's evaluation.   He can't hit the open j regularly which is a reason for the Cs being one of the worse outside shooting teams in the league. (doesn't he have a kind of hitch to his shot and you can tell when he's gonna miss cause he hitches even more).  
       Still for the past few seasons, the Cs don't have any inside scorers, one of the worse rebounding teams (don't listen to Doc bout boarding).   W/ Lee and Green and Terry remain a lousy defensive team.   Not counting this year, they only have one draft pick out of at least 6yrs who are on the team!!   No back up center or back up pg (Barbosa should play more).
       DANNY AINGE IS HORRIBLE AS A GENERAL MANAGER.   He doesn't know what to do, cause he can't judge basketball talent and that is the solution... lol.
       I've always told you forum'ers that under DA guidance, the Cs are more in the direction of 18 losses in a row than a yearly serious contender.

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    Re: I kept telling you!!

       And, these players don't have any passion.   Posey, Cassell, House, PJ Brown.   These guys had passion.   (Remember, DA only was directly responsible for EH.   The other players were recruited by teamates).   The entire package is included in evaluating and wanting to sign players.   DA's grade is a D (I really can give a reason of why not a F)!!

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    Re: I kept telling you!!

    Sullinger was a pretty darn good pick. So was Bradley. Ray Allen and KG were very smart trades that had to take place like dominos. 

    The market and budget were limited, but I thought Terry and Lee were good signings. Lee has been playing better and has some trade value actually. 

    Barbosa wasa a good low budget pickup. Fab Melo has a chance to be a find, we'll see. 

    Rondo was a very strong pick at 21 and holding him out of the Allen trade in favor of sending Delonte West was brilliant. 

    So the answer is that Ainge is nuanced, he's hit or miss. But he does have the guts to shake things up which you have to like. On the basis of a ring and another trip to the finals (only a couple managers can say that), I'd put him in the top ten managers, maybe not top five. But there are much worse as well.

    I know you wanna hate so it's tough to have to embrace some nuance but that's how it is with Ainge. 

    That said I agree with you that doubling down by re-signing Green was a very dumb move on his part, a horrible signing the team will pay for. And he has very little trade value either. But cut it out with the "I told you sos" - a significant percentage of folks in this forum were not comfortable with that signing. 

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    Re: I kept telling you!!

       I've been posting since 1/06.   BostonTroll since 9/09.   You can look up anyones old postings.   BTroll, I suggest you look up my history before doubting what I say...
       That said, DA is living off his past laurels.   McHale gave him KG.   Good move getting RA.   B4 those players, the Cs had an 18gm losing streak.   DA hasn't done anything since RR.   Now can't even get good 2nd round picks which he was trying to use as his claim to fame.   Cs are going to continue to get worse under his direction.   Poor Cs fans when it comes to a lottery pick and DA faulters again.
       And, for you BostonTroll fans, I'll name a few:   aging Gary Payton, Vin Baker (maybe the worse...oh, oh > Telfair). Nate Robinson for 3 players, Scal for 5 years, no concept of playing Gerald Green, Juan Johnson, Giddens instead of Chalmers/Jordan (which was really a no brainer). Green for KP which now you can see was really a steal.   I wasn't a great KP fan, but I would not have given him away for free.   OKC for Harden got 3 players with much more talent/upside than JG!   The KP deal left the Cs much weaker, literally and figuratively.   Don't have me have to think of more, cause it won't be too hard.   And, many of these are since '06 when DA has gotten into his head that he is 'trader-jack' DA.