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    Re: I LOOOOOOVE MY TEAM but.....

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    All I'm saying is right now the Knicks would be challanging the Bull, Heat or Orlando. I dont think they would win but they would be right there at the end with a chance to win. They have Carmello so they are gonna compete. I've seen Carmello make big shot after big shot his entire career. He truely is unguardable. At the end of the game Doc used the trap to get the ball out of his hands and that's why we won.
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    Not true as seen in their last offensive play just put 2 bodies on him n make other guys make a play.  But truely the game should not have been that close Melo n the other guys againt the Celtics at home in the playoffs should be a blowout... but again our bench is playing so bad right now ... we have guys that aren't being used... they can't do much worse .... Baby Green and West should be able to get 10 points a piece every night ... post game Baby even said himself that he su cked... so less talk more action they need to be ready in NY its gonna be hostile and the Knicks gotta feel good knowing they can compete(which they shouldnt) We need another Shrek n Donkey type performance... well donkey is gona but they need to step it up
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    Re: I LOOOOOOVE MY TEAM but.....

    Big Baby hasn't been playing well. I'm wondering how long Doc will stay with him. I think we're just being loyal to him because of his years of service. But if it costs us games it's not very smart on Doc's part.