I think Big Al reveals his intention

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    Re: I think Big Al reveals his intention

    Thanks, Green and Williams are pretty similar bodies, talents, skills and underachievers, Green doesn't need to be in any possible deals with the Jazz, unless they prefer him and we get Williams back.

    Millsap is probably not be the superstar who puts us over the top, for example he is a lot like Boozer and David West, guys who didn't strike fear into or stop the Heat in either of the last 2 postseasons.

    But he is a HUGE upgrade to Bass, an instant 32 minute 17/9 guy instead of a 24 minute 10/6 guy. so getting him for Bass, Lee (who isn't needed when Avery comes back and if Barbosa keeps playing well) and a pick in the 20's would be a GREAT move for us.

    But I still prefer Al.

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    Re: I think Big Al reveals his intention

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    he wants to be a celtic one more time!

    Trade Bass, Pierce, Bradley and milicic


    Big Al, Hayward/Burks plus favors/millsap

    Dumbest trade proposal of all time. 



    Have a blessed day!

    Dumbest Troll here.


    No doubt about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As Always,



    CELTICS RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!