If Ainge wants to trade Rondo....

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    If Ainge wants to trade Rondo....

    Detroit is not a bad trade partner.


    I would imagine the trade would look one of two ways:


    1) Stuckey, Drummond and a top 8 protected, future #1 pick (through 2018)

    for Rondo and DJ White.




    2) Stuckey, Singlur, Kravtsov and UN-protected future #1 draft picks in 2014 and 2016 for Rondo and White.


    Trade #1 would be top value for a rehabbing Rondo as Drummond, an expiring Stuckey contract and a future #1 pick would be the best the Celtics could expect.

    If the Pistons truly want 'J-Smooth' then the Rondo acquisition would likely seal the deal for them.

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    Re: If Ainge wants to trade Rondo....

    If they want Rondo they have to give us a pick and one of the following!!!  Drummond, Monroe, knight, or Caldwell-Pope!  We will have to take an expiring back as well, but if Danny doesn't get one of these young talents he really should be FIRED!

    There is no way we should give them Rondo, facilitate them getting Smith, take one of their garbage contracts, and allow them to keep all their candy!

    Throw in that ultra beast Mitchell too!! 


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    Re: If Ainge wants to trade Rondo....

    I cannot believe that Detroit would give up so soon on Drummond and replace him with Smith, especially at the relative cost difference.  and I don't see Smith effectively moving to the 3 spot.

    But a lineup of Monroe, Drummond, Smith, Caldwell-Pope and Rondo with Stuckey 6th could be very exciting to watch and formidable. 

    I would pull the trigger in a second if we just got Drummond and Knight in return for Rondo and a a couple second round picks or dump a Wallace, Bass, Crawford contract.  

    More likely if they keep Drummond then: 2014 unprotected first round draft choice, Knight, Kravtsov and various salary matching/dumping detritus added from both sides to make it work.