The first thing Danny needs to do is get on the phone and hire asssitant coach Clifford Ray back on the team. He did wonders with Dwight in Orlando and made a pudgy Perkins into something servicable. Watching Perk in his 1st year reminded me of Acie Earl all over again. Without Clifford Ray, Perk might have been out of this league.  With Jordan's athleticism, he could turn into a force under Clifford Ray.

Also does anyone know if Pierce is bought out, will he have to clear waiver's first? That would suck if Sacramento or any non contending team claimed him off waivers and he had to toil for a year of babysitting.  If he had to clear waivers it would be hard to imagine that all of the under the cap teams wouldn't want to pick up a top 5 small forward on the cheap.

Also what cap relief would the celtics get if they buy him out? Enough for signing J Smooth for 10 mil a year.  I heard Josh knows he is not getting max money, as he told a hoops world writer that believing he is a max caliber player and getting max money is something totally different.