I don't understand all the posts KG bleeds green but NBA is a business and we need think about some youth for the future if we don't feel we can win this year so we selfishly trade him. He needs to waive his no trade agreement so if he does end up with the Clippers, it means he wanted to retire in his home location and try to get another ring. I would love a Jordan and Bledsoe straight up.

The problem is PP and it would be nice for him to to end up in LA home town, retire with KG and get another ring. I'm sure, too, they'd love some thrashing of the Lakers too in remaining games. But with PP to the Clippers, I don't think they have enough other players to fully compensate us. If the NBA is truly a business with no heart, the best trade staight up for us is PP for Josh Smith but sending him there would be like Siberia and would have the rage of Celtic fans. But last night vs. Denver, it was our youth, Green & Bradley, who really kept us in that game. Yup, I know the altitude was a factor but  PP committed a couple of costly turnovers & tossed up bricks & looked slow but DA continued to play him. Whether PP admits it or not, he'd be an effective bench player for a competitor these days.


Only way I would keep these two guys in Boston for 1-2 more years is if we traded Rondo for  Howard or Cousins.