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Hey rameakap, I write a post 2 minutes after watching the Celtics blow a decent lead to the Mavs in the last two minutes for the second time this season and you bust out with "ignorant," "idiotic," and "moron."  I'm glad you get off on slurring fellow Celtic fans.  Learn how to disagree with the message without degrading the messenger.  If you think the games against the Raptors, Wizards and Cavs are more important than other games I'd love to hear your argument.  I titled my post what I did about two minutes after the buzzer went off when my blood was still up.  I conceded elsewhere that obviously the Mavs games aren't "more important" than any of the other losses, they just hurt for me personally a little more because I get more satisfaction over beating good teams and losing to good teams in the fashion Boston lost to the Mavs is more painful than losing a coupla fluke games to bad teams that you play 3 or 4 times a year.  I get that they all count the same.
Posted by mac1980

hey mac

I responded 2 mins after the game when i was upset too.. sorry for the verbal attacks

clearly the losses to the THREE worst teams in the game will both me more than the two losses to a top 5 team... if we lose homecourt... that much is clear