He is just leaving his prime years 27-31 where he averaged 14.5 points and 7.7 reb's in 30 mins. He can make shots 51% and Ft's 75% and is the kind of firehydrant/lunchpail PF that can split time with Sully, play a similar game and both would stay in the paint, let KG shoot jumpers and help our big rebounding problem.

I'd rather have him backing up KG at the 5 than Steamer and Melo (D-league) as well.

I don't know where that puts Bass (or Wilcox) it wouldn't be nice to try and trade BB after he wanted to stay so bad, but I know Scola is better than him and Steamer while giving Pietrus the BAE and having him and Moore play a lot of SG isn't too much worse than Lee.