In response to Celtsfan4life's comment:

I hope we're all honest about it because we would all have made some mistakes, but perhaps not as big as Danny's draft mistakes:

I would have taken Anderson over Bradley  as Ray's sharp shooting replacement (slight mistake, obviously)

I would have waited until the summer to do the Perk/Green trade as a sign and trade because Shaq and JON were both weak and going to miss more time.  We needed the big and why a I tearing up a championship calibre team. (Still feel this way today)

I would have Kept Semih Erdan as my backup as again, I think our stength would have been our bigs.

I would have recruited Rasheed like Danny did (mistake).

I would have drafted DeAndre Jordan - I hate to say it but I thought this way on draft night as I watched him drop.   I wondered what Danny ws doing! (I would be right)

I would have given KG his no trade clause as I thought he was the most important signee for the C's given the big names weren't coming here. (stand behind this one today)

I would NOT have traded Pierce, KG, nor let Ray go.  I would continue to build around them with youth and let them play less minutes (ala Pop with Ginobli and Duncan). They would retire as Celtics and continue the tradition of Russell, KC, Sam Jones, Tommy, Bird, McHale, Cowens, Jo Jo, etc, etc, etc.  so more new stars are inclined to havet he loyalty that KG has (don't know if I'm right or not).

I would have signed Powes to 4 years (and then gottenlucky that this thing called amnesty came along and I would have eventually released him under that arrangement).  He would have madea  HUGE difference in 2010.  ( hind sight says I would have been right here).

I would NOT have signed Powe as anyone with yet another injury on the knees who was not critical- would not be critical to me as GM.  (I stand by this one today).

I loved Powe but he never did anything in the NBA after he left Boston. I find it odd that so many people act like it was a mistake letting him go.