if your giving up....

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    if your giving up....

    then give up. us Loyal Celtics fans with perspective will be here for the Title run with Shaq and JO playing center.

    seriously 2 losses and everyone here is bashing everything.  give it a rest.

    I trust DA.

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    Re: if your giving up....

    It's not about giving up.  Loyal?  What does that mean?  Sounds like fascism to me.  Blind loyalty.  To what?  A group of secretive corporate managers that make trades without holding a popular referendum among all Celtic fans?  I like Ainge as much as the next guy but to say I give him my undying devotion, I mean it sounds like North Korea. 

    I wouldn't have traded Perk and I'm pissed that Ainge did.  Shoot me.  I still want them to win every game they play.  I want them to win a championship.  But facts are facts.  Sumthin happened to the team.  Seems like it was THE TRADE.  Excuse me for living.
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