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    Prelude: I love the Celtics and I go back to the days of Hagen, McCauley, Ramsey, Togo Palazzi and Lou Tsiropoulos, so don't nobody accuse me of being a 'pink hat'

    However, I was really impressed by the play of the Clippers center, Kris Kaman last night.  And, that kid Griffin is really something special.  Oh my gosh, would he look good in green.

    A guy can dream can't he.
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    Re: impressive

    How about stubby armed Foye going off...they're a nice team; I'm taking my son to the Clippers game coming up at the garden so looking forward to Griffen part deux - kids got gonads, cleared KG out with an elbow to the jaw and then hit that playground 20 foot one handed (McGinniss-like) shot.