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In the midst of all the trade talk....

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    Re: In the midst of all the trade talk....

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      DOC is not the problem here.......   The Celts are an old team, no BIG-MAN, and an "ALL WORLD AAU POINT GUARD" that can not shoot and can not convert free-throws !!!


    Doc is not the answer either. The team may be old, but Doc does not know how to manage minutes. He is terrible. He has to see that Pierce and KG just can't sustain night in and night out. He must rotate younger players in more. And he needs to keep the lineup moving in and out of the game. This team could be better if time were managed better. 


    Agree with you about playing KG and Pierce less minutes.  Green should be playing more minutes every game if not starting over Pierce.  I just don't see Doc starting Green over Pierce even though it may be a good idea.  Doc is too loyal to his veterans.  Limiting Pierce's minutes should make him more effective and give the Celtics a better chance of winning games.  Without Rondo many of the bench players are going to get more minutes, even though I am not sure who will be starting in his place.  The starting pg may be rotated every game until Doc finds the right rotation.  Many of the current guards will be playing this position with Pierce's also having ball handling duties.