I dont post alot on here, but i read alot of the post on here
1st off though there are people on here that like to hate lets not do that.
now i was reading someones post about a trade with the pacers. from what I have been reading is they are really interested in rondo. someone posted Rondo for roy hibbert and darren collison for Rondo. Nice trade in my eyes. 1st off. whoever posted it i am giving you the credit. Next, both of them are young studs. darren for one... young and fast that can shoot. When he played in New Orleans. Paul got hurt and he step in big time. Last year pacers lost in playoffs, but this kid was amazing . now with hibbert . He a big young man. He rebounds, scores, and plays defence.Also he plays with heart now stop working. I think we would do this trade but they wont, then i read more into it. They want david west, and are looking at the big fa bigs. If some how we can get west to them , and maybe get both of them, and another young player for rondo, maybe paul george who is a 6'8 sg. Yes its says he plays the 3 but he did start at sg. kid is a stud. rondo and west, for at least the 1st 2 and even hansbrough. who like the others play with heart.
Yes i might be wrong im not always posting on here but its a thought
i like rondo, but the trade rumors aready messing with him everyone knows that no matter what he says.
Also, to fierce, please stop with dumping kg. He is bigger to the team then i think you understand there man. I saw in a post where people were talking about how we won the championship, and how we need to get bigger. No its not that. We had a full team of people playing with heart. Our big 3 wins because they play with heart. same with rondo, yet he having some trusting issues. Last year we lost because, we went all in on the big men with shaq and the other oneil. Shaq was playing to just do better then kobe. The other one just felt like he didn't care. all in all i think the players i picked are young, and ready to win with all they have. just a thought to everyone.

Pg- darren-dooling
plus, i like the pgs, for the fact i think we work better with perice handling the ball