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Interesting next 2 games

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    Interesting next 2 games

    The next two games are pivotal in my opinion on what DA does as far as trading goes.  We are playing 2 teams we beat at home, one triple OT and one Blowout.  Both teams are capable of beating us, especially playing at home.

    If the C's win 2 games,  I doubt we make any kind of move other than something very, very minor.

    If we win 1 out of 2,  depending on how we play,  its a coin flip on changes.  The Denver game is kind of a hard game to interpret.  We could get blown out in the thin air,  and that could be misleading on our team.  The Laker game is hard to judge as well,  since it will be a lot like the Charlotte game,  coming off a tough game in Denver, and turn right around and play another road game.   I would be satisfied if we split these games.

    Lose 2 0ut of 2 and things could change dramatically.  If we play both games tough and lose,  who knows DA's thinking.

    I don't think KG or PP are going anywhere.  

    There have been so many trade scenarios around here,  just about everything has been covered,  but I wouldn't be surprised if something happens that no has even thought about.

    Sad we only have 2 more games to determine out route.

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    Re: Interesting next 2 games

    Well, it seems like a close knit team. Hope they play for each other tonight and tommorrow and let the (trading) chips land where they may. It's not like they'll lose their millionaire jobs; they'll just be plying there trade for another team in another city if they're moved.

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    Re: Interesting next 2 games