Is Ainge getting raped?

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    Re: Is Ainge getting raped?

    Hard to imagine doc coaching this season.... in Beantown.

    Can you imagine the Cs  getting off to the slow start... if they get off at all... and suddenly, the fans morale plummets and they go after doc, the traitor, the double dealer, the quiter.

    And then they use their venom to go after DA for not dealing doc... the traitor, the double dealer, the quiter, the monster.

    We're talking about management being suddenly radioactive and the crowd demanding that heads roll.

    Talk about an angry mob at the games.... wanting blood!!!

    And DA having to explain it all,  patiently and rationally about the retooling/rebuilding process that is so exciting and the future is so bright despite appearances to the contrary....... because doc can't say a thing in his own defense.

    Doc cannot coach this next season in Boston. No possible way.

    Doc's presence on the sidelines will be a total distraction as the Celtic brand shatters.

    And DA's head then rolls too if he doesn't fire Doc and  as owners recoil from the PR nightmare, revolt and try to appease the fan base.

    Awfully, awfully UGLY as what's left of the team gets torn apart.


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    Re: Is Ainge getting raped?

    It was a bad situation all around. The thing that bothered me is Doc or KG could've spoke up and said something,anything and didn't. Can't change the past,now what do we do with PP,does Doc man up and walk or apologize for leaving the people who are the reason he make 7 mil per. Who do we go for in the draft? Regardless of who is going to or not going to be on our roster we are going to have to change the way we've played the last few years. Getting vets to commit to a style the probably won't be part of what was a problem I stated last year at the end of the season. So before this whole episode we had a team that was in flux as it were and what does the highest paid coach do? Remains aloof and shows no commitment to a team that has made him the highest paid coach in the league. When Doc signed his contract did he really think KG,PP,RA would still be winning banners into their early 40's ? DA did not create this mess

    Before this whole Clip thing I was ready to go forward with no cap and would've even been good if PP decided to willingly accept a different role and be one of the few players to start and end their career with the same team that drafted them and overpay him a year and going out like very few players get to or give an earnest effort to trade him too a team that he wanted to play for  and give it one more shot and hope for the best. Now,not so much not because of DA  but because of Doc.

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    Re: Is Ainge getting raped?

    In response to Fierce34's comment:

    Don't worry, there's no deal.

    Talks are dead, according to latest update.

    Thank goodness - after reading the Headline for this thread - I thought we signed Kobe!!