Ray has been a great player for the C's.  I respect his career and the player he is now, but the fit that once existed with the C's no longer works.  Bradley is a lock down defender at the two guard and appears to have some offensive potential.  He needs to be our starter if this team is going to be successful.  Ray still feels like a starter and is unhappy with anything less...I don't blame him.  

This is our chance to bring in change to a team that remains largely the same. For me OJ Mayo makes the most sense (he might not want to be here so that may not work) for others is Jason Terry....Regardless its change that I think is needed.

I've read many other people mention that if we don't resign Ray we would essentially loose our Mid-level exemption but I don't think that true.  If we sign Terry or Mayo or whoever at a reasonable range we should still have space once the have Ray off the books or we could do a sign and trade.