Is Black Mamba human?

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    Re: Is Black Mamba human?

    snakes are not human

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    Re: Is Black Mamba human?

    In response to hedleylamarr's comment:


    To be fair - he is having a great year, and has been particularly good of late.  Can't see them getting past OKC, though!


    Let me say first that I hate the Lakers( I'm still pissed about game 7 in 2010) and probably most because they are a banner behind us & will be after this year too and, unfortunately, we will not be ahead of them by 2...are you watching the Charlotte game, a team which has lost 10 in a row and I know we don't have PP.


    As will be LA, we too will probably not get by the first round.


    OK, but as a basketball fan, being objective I think that Kobe, rapist or not, along with LeBron is the best since MJ and that includes Magic, in my opinion. He has made shots like an Avatar movie character and as LA doesn't have any other outside shooting threats, Nash maybe, Kobe is usually even double covered & he can put up incredible shots from a distance or drive to the basket with the best of them. $.02 cents.