Reportedly the Celtics are now offering Ray a no trade clause. At Ray's age that means the Celtics want him badly.

However, how do you keep Jason Terry, And Ray Allen happy When they both play the same position that Avery Bradley does? Someone is getting a serious reduction in minutes if Ray gets signed.

Sure they can play some of Rondo's minutes but Rondo played 37 minutes a game last year. so not much extra there, and you can play some Ray at the small forward when Doc goes small, but this eats into Jeff Green's minutes as a backup to Pierce.

All this leads me to wonder is Bradley going to be the odd man out? Could he be trade bait?  I'm not suggesting he should mind you, the post isn't about whether Bradley is a keeper, the post is about what do you think the Celtics are trying to do by getting three shooting guards all who beleive they should be playing big minutes, all good enough to play big minutes?