its like DA is certain about not going old like with Kg or the next leel down with the Josh smiths but he's now undecided about reloading from the 3rd rung (brining in a dh or greg oden) or just rebuilding from the bottom in the draft (trading rr and likely even jg and/or AB at some later point as well). never good to be in the middle but i do get what he's trying to do. taking his last shot at not tanking. no need for a greg oden if ur tanking, ditto with rr and the other vet core (incl even bass, lee and  definitely a wallace or humphries).

if ur going blow it up just get blowed out)... i say get all the picks u can get, tank this year for the lottery, then reload big time and then convert your picks for a kein loe or 2 as we did after 06.