The Lakers are insisting on treasure for their trash and getting it! They successfully fleeced a division rival and the latest is that they want the Hawks to throw in yet another asset in a Gasol for Josh Smith deal. Meanwhile King & Ferry are ripping through their rosters to better their teams, the Rockets are trying to shake things up, and the Magic are playing hardball with D12.

Yet DA seems to want to stay put and hope that his good will makes his team better. He's gotten overly sentimental for last year's aging team and seems reluctant to let anyone go. He is letting Ray take his time and possibly extort him for more money and concessions; and he's hoping all the good press that came with him chaperoning Green to medical appts makes him and his agent want to resign with Boston.

What happened to the gunslinger? I'm tired of DA & Doc hoping and appeasing. This is a business and there's no room for sentimentality. If a player doesn't want to be here, then put a deadline on him and trade him away. If he's not worth the money he's demanding, then get someone else. Let's get better and move on!