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Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

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    Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

    According to Dudder the Celtics are a "dysfunctional yet successful team."

    Well, they are 30-9 despite a slew of injuries.  If that's dysfunctional, there are about 29 other teams that would gladly take it.
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    Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

    Also the Celtics shot around 60 percent tonight I believe.  Does the point guard have anything to do with that I wonder? Possibly?  Maybe?

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    Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

    In essence the the gist of the criticism against rondo from the dudder is that he is a pass first point guard, which apparently for some reason is a bad thing. I guess when you are playing with 4 hall of famers it is bad to pass them the ball when they are open.  Just think how much he would have hated John Stockton in his prime. If ever there was a pass happy point guard it was Stockton, and he only played with one hall of famer, yet he still kept passing! 

    What i don't get is why is doc so incompetent to keep starting Rondo and playing him 40 minutes or so a game? Doesn't he know Anyone could do what rondo does? Doc is such an overrated coach. I mean, why isn't Nate out there? Also, What's with Danny Ainge? couldn't he have traded Rondo? I mean 2/3 of the PG in this league are better. Don't you think someone would have fallen for his lofty stats and given us someone like Kurt Heinrich or something? And we know the other players think Doc is crazy, if you put them under truth serum they'd all tell you so. The dudder knows this because despite saying how good they all think Rondo is -- they are lying. Luckily none of them are able to get by the dudder's Kreshkin like ability to psychically detect a lie. We all know players hate, HATE, playing with a guy always passing the ball. Scoreers can't stand it. It drives them crazy. Shaq, always complained Kobe hogged the ball too much. Don't you think after playing with Rondo he'd give up anything to get that back? 

    The most valid point of the dudder's though is that somehow it makes Rondo stink that Rose might be better (which is a matter of opinion.)  That makes perfect sense and I am in favor of benching Paul Pierce because Lebron James might be better. I mean why do people in Boston rave about pierce when Lebron is out there, playing for another team? . 

    I don't know, I just hope we come to our sense and trade for Mike Bibby before it is too late, and we do something like get the best record in the eastern conference.. We need a point guard who can't beat anyone off the dribble, can't rebound and plays terrible defense, but who can shoot the jumper. It makes such perfect sense that I just don't understand why no one can see it. Get Bibby now! There is one phase of the game people... shooting (never mind Rondo is shooting over 50% from the field.) never mind he has great vision, great quickness which can't be taught and and his an all defensive player, none of that matters AT ALL!

    In my next post I wish to explain to everyone how Tom Brady cost us the super Bowl this year and what a terrible quarterback he is and why we'd be better off with Donavon Mcnabb.
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    Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

    Another great game by Rondo last night putting the feet of the Rondo haters half way down their throats.

    Good thing they can type because I doubt anyone can understand what they are saying right now.

    Keep it up us another championship and let the Rondo haters dig themselves deeper holes.
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    Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

    In Response to Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?:
    In Response to Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process? : The Rondo-ites or the Rondophelias or whatever they are called ignore the warts and think that the positives outweigh the negatives. Rondo creates what I would call a dysfunctional yet successful team.  The team, Doc, Danny, etc. allow Rondo's ineptitude in some of the most basic fundamental aspects of the game make some fans / posters / bloggers want to worship on Rondo's m ember..... They love to use the "pass first" point guard praise / excuse - hey look at me I am a very good passer and the worst shooter in the league at any position and as a "pass first" point guard I make Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Steph Curry, Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, Derrick Rose, Jameer Nelson, Mike Bibby, Devin Harris, Arron Brooks, Jason Kidd, Tyreke Evans, Beno Udrih, Jonny Flynn, Raymond Felton, and a whole bunch of others look really bad - because it is really, really bad to be able to shoot and actually participate in the offensive flow of the game instead of pounding the ball into the floor until I am assured an assist and then one someone makes an extra pass I am a little crybaby because we scored but I didn't get the assist. After I pass I run and hide in the corner hoping the ball never cycles back to me but I call for the ball and the rest of my team laughs knowing that once I have given up the ball I am no longer part of the offense unless of course someone is in need of adding rebounds to their stat line.  The other night I made a 3 and a jumper - wow... I had 18 points and 13 assists.... starting to sound like I had an average Westbrook night..... I think the other night he had 30 points, 13 rebounds, 13 assists, 5 steals, and 4 blocks.......maybe I should be an all-star..... I have often posted that Rondo costs the offense at least 3 or 4 points per game compared to actual legitimately good point guards at the line.  What I read is that I am an idiot who does not know what he is talking about and how Rose is a gunner and would, somehow, hurt the Celtics.  Someone finally pointed out statistically what Rondo costs them at the line and I appreciate that. There is always the idea that Rondo somehow is perfect for this team - this comes from posters / fans / bloggers who think that it is somehow better to have a less talented, less complete player, playing at one of the most important positions. Put the other starting 4 under truth serum and they can come up with a dozen point guards who make them better or no worse off. Instead what we have is an egomaniac who steals the ball, due to athleticism, and then passes up a layup for fear of missing but in pride of making an assist. Give me any number of other point guards and the Cs are no worse off and I believe if you asked their coach who was a point guard, the other starting 4 guys, and a whole bunch of objective fans and you would find that Rondo would not be the guy running this team. Rondo bested DJ Augustin, give Augustin Pierce, Allen, Shaq, etc. and Augustin would have the same succes and oh by the way, he would make 90% from the line, 40% from 3, and be a key part of the offense as opposed to the single last option calling for the ball in the half court set. I heard a so-called expert discussing the Brady vs. Vick MVP issue and the guy said if the Pats did not have Brady and were left with Hoyer, they would be a lot worse if the Eagles lost Vick but were left with Kolb.  I was stunned because that is not even remotely close to what the argument is. If you traded Brady for Vick what would the outcome be, not what would the back ups do. Given that, if you traded Rondo for at least a dozen other guys, who do not play with 4 guys who are going to the hall of fame on the very first ballot, how much better would the Celtics be? Give me Rose, Steph Curry, Monta Ellis, Tyreke Evans, Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Jameer Nelson, Devin Harris, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Chauncy Billups, Tony Parker, and a whole bunch of others and the Cs are no worse and obviously in a lot of cases a lot better...... As I said in my first post on this subject, it is not an "assist first thought process".... it is "I am the worst shooter in the league and coincidentally I have some of the greatest shooters and scorers in the history of the league and therefore I will get assists" thought process. For Rondo it is not a matter of getting assists first, it is getting assists first because he cannot do what many of the average point guards view as their fundamental responsibility. Just try to imagine if the Cs had Arenas where getting to the rim was a routine simple thing and making 3s and 15 footers was just an afterthought - somehow with the idiot Rondo-ites, Rondo-phelias this would be a bad thing - how dare the point guard actually participate in the offense?  Oh my goodness what was Rondo thinking taking a shot from 2 feet away when he had Ray checking in at the scorers table. Rondo is not even the 6th best point guard in the western conference let alone one of the elite of the league. Hurting the team - give the BIG 3 some truth (troof) serum and you would find that they would welcome all of the guys that I have mentioned in this post with open arms.
    Posted by TheDUDDER

    Dudder you are an island at the end of a short archipelago without a boat or a paddle. There are a few other islands in the archipelago but you are way out at the end. All by yourself.

    The C's obviously are a great team made greater with the outstanding play of Rondo.

    Great game last night Rondo. Keep posting your stuff Dudder as it makes all of us pay a little more attention to everything Rondo does and we even appreciate it more thinking of how it must disappoint you to see him play so well.
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    Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?

    In Response to Re: Is Rondo Hurting Team with his Assist Only Thought Process?:
    Dudder you are pathetic with your cut and paste. If Rondo was that bad he wouldn't be playing let alone STARTING on the best team in the east and LEADING the league in assists.  You may not want to acknowledge what he does but it only shows your stupidity.  Why do we need him shooting with Shaq dunking, KG hitting, RA hitting threes, Baby hitting jumpers, and PP hitting jumpers and threes?  Maybe he know what this team needs.  Quit your cutting and pasting and looking like you know absolutely nothing about basketball.
    Posted by OneOnOne

    Yup Dudder would like to see Rondo shoot more from the outside...say 44% ..and that would be an improvement on the best shooting team in the NBA. Heck Rondo could have missed a few last night to drive down the 60% shooting mark they had. Then he might be happy. They lead the league in assists and shooting percentage and he is complaining? Weird.

    Someone called it "former point guarditis"...but I doubt that Dudder ever played basketball.