Been gone for a while but felt the need to get back on here to voice my displeasure over this god forsaken horrible officiating.  Where do I begin.  I am fairly impartial when it comes to actually blaming officiating for losing games but as a fan for 30 years I can see when the refs are clearly favoring the other team.  I could forgive the number of bad calls yesterday but for the life of me cannot figure out how Wade does not get called for a foul when he literally clubbed Rondo right in the face with two refs standing right there?  I mean what were they watching?  Obviously not watching Rondo with the ball because it was clear as day.  I saw it when it first happened and didn't need instant replay to confirm what my eyes saw.  I said it to a friend of mine before the game started yesterday that the Celtics would get to the line a few more times than Game 1 but in the end the Heat will shoot alot more free throws and will get all the calls in the most crucial times.  It is sad that I can predict the outcome of the game without having to watch it first.  I don't expect the refs to get it right every time but the only thing I want is consistency.  You can't call Pierce for cheap fouls trying to get position guarding Lebron in the post and then on the other end let Battier and Lebron do whatever they want to Pierce and then swallow your whistle.  I just wish someone would ask the refs why there was no call when Rondo got raked across the face?  What possible excuse can you give for something so blantant other than the obligatory excuse "I didn't see it".  I guess they didn't see Wade kick KG in the knee as he went up for his shot either. 

As a side note I don't expect the refs to give us any calls in Boston either.  The league knows what is going on and it will just look guilty if they decide to give us a bunch of "make up" calls at home.  If they do decide to give us some home cookin' don't expect it to be at the expense of Lebron and Wade though.  I will predict Anthony, Battier, Miller, Turiaf, Haslem, Chalmers, etc. will get tagged for a majority of the calls so it looks like the refs are being fair.  They know what they are doing. 

Lastly, before the trolls come out and claim I am just mad because the Celtics lost all I can say is eat a d$%k.  Everywhere you go...twitter, facebook, espn, sports illustrated, hoops hype, etc. everyone is talking about the officiating in this series.  So I guess that means everyone including those who aren't even fans of the Celtics are just mad they lost right?  Only a troll would think so.