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It Was Tempting Fate.

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    It Was Tempting Fate.

    Shaq had a great start - Doc should be blamed for the aggravation of Shaq's injury. He got in the game, had a great start, once the second quarter starts, what do you do? Take Shaq out and let him rest until at least halftime. But nope, Doc tempts fate and leaves Shaq in the game. The result: An obvious aggravation of the achilles injury, and likely a tear or some sort or severe damage to his achilles. 

    You can't go that long with that type of an injury and expect to come back and play extended minutes with no consequences. The blame should be placed solely on Doc and the coaching staff - he should have known better and now the team (and Shaq) will suffer. I hope the media jumps all over him for this. 
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    Re: It Was Tempting Fate.

    this in no possible way was docs fault...shaq didnt step on something or trip he simply was running...if it wasnt gonna happen in the 2nd quarter it wouldve happened in the 3rd or 4th or next game or even in practice...shaq is done so we must deal with it