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It's Easy, Danny

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    It's Easy, Danny

    Here's all you have to do:

    --  Trade Rondo even up for DWill.

    --  Pierce for Kevin Love

    --  Bass, Ray, Moore, and Marquis for Kevin Durant

    --  Pavlovich and a bag of balls for Pau Gasol

    --  JON, Garnett, two draft picks and a lifetime pass to The USS Consitution for D Howard.

    --  Ray to Indy and Peyton Manning to Boston, just because.

    Simple!  (and about as doable as most of the other options offered here) :-)

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    Re: It's Easy, Danny

    I personally think Gasol will require two bags of balls.
    Otherwise, excellent!
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    Re: It's Easy, Danny

    The first three trades are not unrealistic at all.

    Bass has been an obvious revalation this year, rebounding from a bad time in Orlando he'd rather block out of his memory lane.

    Ray Allen is a Hall of Famer and an underrated defender.

    If you put Marquis in the right environment, he can slice and dice like Ginobli.

    Pau Gasol is soft, and not the exact age I would prefer him to beWink
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    Re: It's Easy, Danny

    Rondo out Monta Ellis in Allen out JR Smith in (three way deal) JON, first round pick and detritus for a serviceable big