It's nearly mid season...

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    Re: It's nearly mid season...

    I agree that we're having problems the past few weeks due to injuries, however seeding is important. Not havin home court advantage vs. the Lakers last season most likely lost the championship for the C's. The C's have only lost 9 games thus far. I'm not concerned as the injury situation is improving with K.G returning by the end of the week. Perk and Delonte are also expected back in a matter of weeks. Cross your fingers that the injury bug is done biting the C's for this season.
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    Re: It's nearly mid season...

    We were one Kendrick Perkins knee injury away from a ring, and even with that injury the Laker's needed enormous help from the refs.

    The Lakers had more free throw attempts in the final quarter of the final game last season than the C's got in the final three playoff games combined.
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    Re: It's nearly mid season...

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    Try not to panic or let the trolls get in your head.  A healthy C's team can't be beat by anyone.  There's always going to be some apathy midway through a season of 82 games, get a grip...  as long as KG comes back healthy and everyone gets some rest, seeding be damned, the C's are the team that nobody wants to play.
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    I'm with you about health. As you probably noticed there's another train of thought: HCA is goal #1. Of course we all would be more than happy if Celtics ended regular season with the best record and completely healthy roster.  But there's good chance that they will have to limp to the "finish line". Therefore, once again: health is goal #1.
    We can argue till the end of time if the game 7 in LA vs in Boston is the reason for the loss. Let's give it a rest, it was last year. This year Celtics have weapons: players, providing all are healthy, coach and desire to get #18, to eliminate any playoff opponent regardless where they play.