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    In response to puddinpuddin's comment:

    Danny's doing great, given the current situation.

    The franchise will survive.

    The next 2-4 seasons will be a real mess.

    The rebuild is finally here. Gonna be a long haul.

    Laughing beats crying, dontcha think!

    You sound like Spiro Agnew with the nattering nabobs comment.

    You've been on/off/on/off/on/off the Rondo's bandwagon so many times... how do you even keep track anymore? Schizo disorder maybe?

    Did you ever figure out the diff between the perineum and the peritoneum? Close but no cigar.


    That must have been really hard Pud.  But it did not come anywhere close.

    Just a general statement that Danny is doing great.  And that the rebuilding will take 2-4 years.  No suggestion on what specifically to do with Rondo?  Perhaps you don't really want to see him go.  You will have a hard time focusing your negative attention on another target.

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    In response to shines01's comment:

    I realize pud and the pub-buddies will whine like children all year long but this team is going to be just fine.  Given the circumstances I cannot see how Ainge could have done a better job.  Maybe you nattering nabobs of negativity can tell me the moves that should have been made starting at the close of the '12-'13 Celtics season.  Keep Doc?  Trade Rondo?  Keep Pierce and KG?  Stand pat at draft choice 16?  We have a very bright, young new coach, three solid young players in Rondo, Green and Sullinger and some very nice draft picks.  Actually, we don't have some, we have a veritable butt-load of first round draft picks.  AND a bunch of bodies to play 4-5 which we haven't had in forever.

    The NBA isn't some magical mystery to coaching.  Brad Stevens isn't Rick Pitino.  By all accounts he simply isn't as didactic a big shouting jerk like Pitino.  The job isn't exclusive to NBA-only pedigree.  Thibs coached at Harvard and Salem State and he is one of the best in the NBA.

    So, oh wise and mighty pudster, please tell me the moves that Ainge should have made.

    there is no way we could keep doc.  if it's all the same i'd have rather seen a van grundy type in here, an established guy.  but i think we'll be okay w/ stevens.  just like pierce + KG were NOT NOT NOT worth 27 million this year, rondo is not worth 25 million the next two. 

    i think you have to be a real neophyte that the team is NOT going to soft handle rondo (like usual) and when he's healthy and showcased, trade him.  we need different #1 position leadership.  rondo had his time.  he's not ready, by not just my opinion but every single nba analyst i have seen comment on the matter, to "take the reigns" and lead the celtics.

    while the results are not going to be a ring, maybe not even playoffs this year, it's just time to start over.  i'm not sure i understand 26 million spent on stevens when the team was complaining about how much doc was being paid....  but i don't know much about stevens.  bad early move to claim he's the biggest fan of rondo, but again, i'd be SHOCKED if rondo is here as the trade deadline approaches.  so if that's the case, who cares, he's just doing what's best for the company in stringing rondo along thinking he's boss

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